Trip mine
Trip mine (aka Stun mine) is a gear created by ROBLOX in 6th November 2009. In Ripull Minigames, the gear can be bought at the gear shop for 30000 coins. These Trip mines are of a very disruptive nature.


While holding a Trip mine, it can dropped on the ground. When dropped, it will always be infront of the player. They will also make a distinctive beeping sound. If a player walks over a Trip mine, It will explode, stunning all nearby players, including the one who placed the mine. Note that Trip mines only prevent players from moving or jumping, as they can still use items. Trip mines, after being placed, will turn invisble after a few seconds. If a player comes close to an invisible Trip mine, it will briefly become visible and a sound effect, similar to a heart beat, is heard.

As mentioned before, Trip mines make a beeping sound after being placed, during which they cannot explode and act as a solid surface. Trip mines have a 2.6 second cooldown, meaning that one must wait for that time to pass after placing one in order to place another mine.


-You can avoid being stunned by a Trip mine by pressing space to jump(If its your default hotkey for jumping) quickly right after the trip mine explodes.

-On Toy Block Flop, before the block starts spinning, Trip mines can't explode, even after the beeping sound ends.

-Many players hate Trip mines because they are annoying. There have been cases where a player reported another player just because he/she was having fun with Trip mines

-With proper positioning, you can place a Trip mine inside of a player's head, This can be tricky to do, as it will require for both players to stand still. When this trick works, the player will usually start shaking before the Trip mine flies away, sometimes tripping the player.

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