Dodgeball is a team-based minigame in Ripull Minigames.

Goal of the gameEdit

Players are split into two equal teams. Players are equipped with a dodgeball which when clicked it is thrown. You can use your mouse to aim the dodgeball. The first team to get all players out wins and gains extra gold. Extra gold can be given based on how many people you get out and if the team wins.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Reaction time is the best way to win the game. If you can expect the ball to come at you, you can quickly run to the side to dodge it.
  • Time your jumps well. If you spam your jump repeatedly you might accidentally land on a ball which comes at you.
  • You can jump and throw the ball in the air to spike it so that you can get jumping players out.
  • The most recommended items to use in game are Woodland Staff, Gravity Coil and Red Balloon.
    • However, Woodland Staff will not cover your team label and your level.


  • This minigame is based off alexnewtrons Dodgeball!
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